“Sing a memory”

Tatiana - 21133, Maryland
Entered on August 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe that there is a song for every moment in time, for every person who touched your life, and for every day in one’s life. Whether you can pinpoint exactly which song relays which thing in your life doesn’t matter, the point is that you can always find a peace in songs.

Let yourself be taken over by the music every once in awhile, and travel back to that moment, or meet up with that person, or relive that day. Moments pass, people die, and no one ever remembers every day of their life, but a song enables you to recapture what is lost.

You never know what life has in store for you, you may think you have some kind of handle on the path you take, but you don’t, there is no way of truly knowing. But, with love in your heart and a song in your mind, you can prepare yourself to be able to accomplish whatever it is that lays ahead unforeseen in your life’s journey. And maybe, just every once in a while, a song can take you back to a moment where you knew exactly what was going on or who you were.

It could be Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young”, that reminds you of that boy from across the street who died before his time. Or, it could be The All-American Rejects singing “Dirty Little Secret,” that takes you back to that classroom after school, where you sneaked around hidden behind books and desks stealing kisses from that boy. It could be Boyz II Men’s “The End Of the Road” that reminds you of graduation, when you walked across the stage to the outstretched hand and perfectly creased diploma awaiting you. For me, it was always “You are my Sunshine”, that reminded me of my daddy and the times we shared. It could be anything, any song that triggers for you what these songs trigger for me; memories of new love, old love, lost love, and perfect love.

I believe in songs, you may not, and to you a song may simply be a song, beats and rhythms coordinated and combined into a melody and nothing else. But I know that at the end of the day, when I lie in my bed somewhere between sleep and awake, with the radio playing softly in the background, I can see again the moments that have passed, the people I have lost, and the days I have forgotten. And, best of all I can, for those few minutes, remember exactly who I am. So, while you sit there and try to comprehend what it is that I choose to believe, I’ll be in my bed, somewhere between sleep and awake, singing a song.