This I Believe

Daniel - Juneau, Alaska
Entered on August 21, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: love

My essay is about love. I believe in love as I believe in air—-when I am apart from it I struggle towards the surface seeking it.

I believe that love is earned by every labor which for its sake is spent.

I believe that honesty and compassion are blossoms of love’s scent.

I believe that love takes time to ripen, like the sweetness of a fruit.

I believe that time and patience grace love’s deepest root.

I believe whatever we think love is, it is more than we can dream.

I believe that when we lose a love to death we sense love’s seam.

I believe love is a positive act of life, pristine and free.

I believe love is a silken robe worn by deity.

I believe love is something we do to each other and cannot take it back. It’s like the mail-—once dropped in the box it is in the hands of a higher authority. What’s said is done and written in the heart—-its best salutation is always your first name.

I believe love stands alone—-always alone. You’ll never know if it was received, even if it was delivered in person.

I believe love lives for a second helping, and when the spoon goes in the dish a third or fourth time, it is a sermon on the mount-—the loaves and fishes keep on coming.

I believe love grounds us like a lightning rod—-when lightning bolts fly, love binds them back to earth and no one gets hurt.

I believe that no scales can weight it, no accountant can account for it, and that no poet can poet it.

I believe in love.