This I Believe

Gabrielle - Bloomington, Minnesota
Entered on August 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe in taking a break from everything. Drama, pressures, school, friends, family, just life in general. Sometimes you need to leave it all where it is, leave, and take a deep breath. Sit in the countryside and take it all in.

Too many times I’ve felt like the world was collapsing on me. Starting when I was younger, people brought way too much drama. Then came pressures from people I thought were my friends, and major family changes. Soon everywhere I went people had buisness with me. Whether it was my race or who I chilled with. So much of this changed who I am today. These life lessons made me independent. I became mentally tough… I wouldn’t even cry at funerols.

Everything felt right for the first time when my mom took me to this farm. It was just us and everything was so peaceful. My mind cleared when I watched the starts that night (as to where you can only see a few in the cities). I didn’t have to worry aboutthe test the next or why people were changing for the worse. Hoenstly, the only thing I thought about later that night, was having to go back to it all.

As we left the next morning I realized there wasn’t a place like this near home, somewhere to rest. There was only a park. So every once in a while I did take a break from life. I’d slip out of the house as the stars came out in the open field. And I still do. Because I need it more and more each day as more difficult life changes occur. Taking a break always helps through the worst of times. This I believe more then anything…