This I Believe

Michael - San Diego, California
Entered on August 19, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

Despite the fact that our world often seems bent upon being as violent and venal…as foreboding and faithless…as it can be, I still believe. The lessons I learned from my mother and her mighty heart inform my worldview now as always and thus, a certain affinity for cynicism notwithstanding, I still believe.

I still believe in magic…the everyday magic that shines in the songs and the shy giggles of schoolchildren and from the souls of people who smile with knowing, sparkling light in their eyes; the everyday magic of babies gurgling happily; the everyday magic of knowing that, even in my darkest hours, that there are people who love me fiercely.

I still believe that Dr. King was right and that the content of my character is infinitely more important than the color of my skin. I still believe that our differences are few and negligible and that our similarities are myriad and undeniable.

I still believe in music…in the power of music to caress the soul and to shout out to eternity. I believe that there’s nothing sweeter than children guilelessly singing sweet, simple songs as they discover wonders of the world that I’ve long since taken for granted. And I believe that voices of angels must sound like Louis Armstrong, Emmylou Harris, and Aretha Franklin.

I believe there’s unquenchable wonder in being young and there’s gentle glory in growing gracefully and proudly old. I believe in love…chaste and carnal…and expressing that love to best of my abilities each and every chance we get.

I still believe that hugs and kisses and tender touches, like smiles and laughter and beautiful songs, were meant to be shared often and abundantly. I still believe that it’s okay to cry when I need to and that being sad is a good thing as long as I don’t wallow in it overmuch.

I still believe in the power of words and the joys of daydreaming. I still believe in Superman and Captain America, in truth and justice and what should always be the American way. And I still believe that there is indeed nothing funny about peace, love, and understanding.

I still believe that my journey through life should be informed by a never-ending thirst to learn and understand everything I can or else I’m wasting the precious gift of awareness.

I still believe that everybody should walk in the sunshine as often as they can. I believe in stopping to smell the roses and in waltzing in vibrant fields of wildflowers and in playing tag with carefree waves on cool, windswept shores.

I believe that my dog loves me and that my cats do too even though they would never admit it.

And I still believe that Pluto is a full-fledged planet no matter what anybody says.

All things considered, I still believe. My hardworking mother taught me that so I know that it’s absolutely the right thing to do.