I believe that all people are good.

Shaun - Alexandria, Virginia
Entered on August 18, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that all people are good.

As a college student I spent a semester in Nigeria. Not usually a place at the top of study abroad lists.

I went to West Africa to learn more about Africa, its history, its people and about myself. When I left Nigerian I had learned that people, in the midst of chaos and poverty, are good.

One day, while attempting to leave Lagos, a teeming city of millions I became lost on my way back to the University of Ibadan, a city a few hours to the North of the capital.

Not knowing where I was, I stopped a young man on the street and asked him how I could best get to the local taxi station quickly, as night was coming and travel after dark was fraught with bandits.

“Follow Me”, he said as he led me by the hand through the chaos that are the streets of Lagos; to a bus station. Instead of simply telling me where to get off at a certain location, he remained on the bus with me to make sure I arrived safely.

He refused to allow me to pay the fare (his or mine).

Then, at the next station, where I needed to transfer to another bus, he made certain that I not only got on the right bus but that I got a seat, and he again paid for my fare. I was given a seat of honor next to the bus driver.

I never saw that young man again, but I will never forget his selfless act of helpfulness to a stranger in a strange land.

I believe that all people are good, if given a chance.