This I Believe

Kathy - Olympia, Washington
Entered on August 16, 2007
Age Group: 65+
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Eric’s World

My World is my voice. My life’s story includes my hero and my family. Someday I might be able to talk and be like everyone else. But for now I have my hero, and my family. Life is most excellent for a smallish boy, who has everything and so much more.

My name is Eric Tyler Harrison and I am 27 months old. My life started out on a fast track. During my birth, I had difficulties and I needed specialty doctors and nurses. When I was less than 24 hours old I took my first ambulance ride. I went from St. Peters Hospital in Olympia, Washington to Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma, Washington. I had to be very brave because the ride was scary and I was with strangers.

I remember getting very mad; everyone stuck me a lot with needles. Boy! Would I like to stick them, I had so many holes in me; I felt like a sponge. I also wanted to eat, but they would not let me. Mommy had the best milk, but I had problems swallowing and so, Mommy put the milk in a tube. The tube then went through my nose, down my throat and into my tummy. There were other babies in my room, making it hard to get any quality sleep. Every time I tried to take a nap there was always someone trying to get my last drop of blood! My nurse hooked me up with some sugary stuff called sweeties; it made the needle pokes more tolerable. My stay in the hospital lasted three weeks but was not all bad. The nurses were cute and I got a good tan along with a sporty pair of sunglasses. My grandma had spent lots of time with mommy and me in the hospital. I got to come home on Mothers Day in the year 2005.

As I lie here on the floor, I am doing so the same way I start everyday. I look at my lights, and think, those lights are pretty. The ceiling is awesome; the ceiling fan with lights is indescribably unpredictable. Each day mommy, grandma or daddy will help me get out of bed. They will get a clean blanket for me to lie on; give me toys to play with and things to amuse myself. Oh Boy! I am talking the best toys ever. Some of them make funny sounds like my red duck. Who ever thought they would make red ducks? Have you ever seen a red duck? My favorite toys are my piano and my truck. My daddy bought my truck for me it was a surprise. My piano was a gift from my uncle David. I can make my toys work by myself. They have cool sounds, such as music and horns. My truck has a voice; it says move forward or backward. Now if I could only sing I might get to be the next American Idol.

Hey! I wonder what it would take to get someone to turn on the TV. It is almost time for my show The Wiggles. Mommy usually sits on the floor with me; we watch my show and she sings wiggly songs and we have wiggly fun. I hope you can come by my blanket soon. If you turn the TV set on, maybe you and I can have some wiggly fun too!

I have the best family in the whole wide world. We have a nice house, I have my own room, although the many things that I need to play and to grow take consume quit a lot of the remainder of our house. My daddy fixes car bodies for his job, he is super smart and good at what he does. Some day I know he will teach me to fix cars too.

We also have a dog named Molly and a cat named Rufus, they are both friends. Yah right! I like to laugh when Molly wags her tail; it makes funny shapes in the air. Molly can talk, she says ruff and bark. I think Molly is talking about sandpaper and trees. Did you ever see a dog that talks? Molly is weird, she thinks that she sees pirates outside and then she runs around the house barking, with her ears in the air trying to attack them. Molly gets into trouble because she barks when people come to our door. I try to tell her to stay on the blanket but I don’t think she understands me. Some day I will take Molly for a walk in the woods behind our house. Molly likes to go for walks. She will get her leash from the door knob in the kitchen and get grandmas shoes; when she wants to go outside. I see them go out for a walk. I want to go too, but they never take me.

My brother Zac reads stories to me. Sometimes I let him play my piano. Zac and I are out of school for the summer. Zac brings his soldiers, guys and cars out by my blanket to play. I like to watch him play. Sometimes he brings the shiny cars; they are very bright and shiny. I want Zac to teach me how to put blocks and guys in my truck, and then we can make the truck dump them on the floor.

My grandma Kathy lives at our house. She doesn’t have a bedroom, but she will get one soon. After mom and dads’ new bedroom is finished, Grandma will then move into their old bedroom. In the meantime grandma sleeps in the living room on a couch; beside where my blanket is placed for the day. I like to see grandma when I first wake up before she goes to school. She always gives me hugs and kisses. Sometimes grandma gets me out of my bed before mommy or daddy. It took me a while to get grandma trained to do things like mommy does. Grandma is slow to understand me but quick to learn how I like things done. Grandma finally learned to open the curtains; when she first comes into my room. I like to see outside when it is daylight. Grandma is so funny. She says I love her lots when my diaper is a stinky mess and then she changes it. My family made a game about my stinky diapers. When I make funny sounds with my butt, they will take turns saying “not it”, then whoever is last saying “not it”, has to change my diaper. Sometimes I can fool everyone; I only make it wet and not stinky.

My mommy is my hero. Not all mommies are as cool, as dedicated, or as pretty as mine. I had some abnormalities when I was born; and developed more disabilities as I have grown. Mommy does lots of necessary things for me. She gives me medicine, takes me to the doctor, gives me baths, dresses me and puts me to bed. She also makes my special food, puts it into a bag, it then goes into my backpack. After everything is hooked to my tummy tube, I can eat all day. Wow! How nifty is that no cooking, no washing bottles and no getting sour milk? I get my medicine four times a day, more if I am sick or need Tylenol for my teeth. It hurts lots getting new teeth. Mommy is with me when my communication teacher comes to our house. Mommy takes me to my appointments, to school and to therapy. Most of her day is spent doing things required for my care. I think mommy’s brain will explode just remembering every kind of medicine that I need, when I need refills and what time of day she needs to give it to me. I also have contact lenses and hearing aides. Sometimes I wear braces so my feet grow straight. Mommy also teaches me sign language and helps me exercise.

Mommy even finds time, to go swimming, to go shopping and to go walking at the park. She knows I like the water, and she buys treats because I am good when we shop. Mommy is amazing; she never gives up when the going is tough. She is consistently, warm and cuddly. I like it most when she helps me with my teeth. I fuss a lot and get mad; but mommy always loves me and doesn’t lose her temper. Mommy knows what it is that makes me happy, comfortable and helps me grow. Mommy took grandma and me to see the Wiggles in concert. The show was very loud and very exciting. We all met, Murray, the red Wiggle. He let grandma; take a picture of him, mommy and me. I laughed all the way home because I had so much fun. Mommy has a very happy voice, when she sings to me, it helps me get calm and go to sleep.

Mommy is my hero; I know I will always have her love. Mommy continues to encourage me daily in what ever I do. Although there have been hard and trying times for my family, mommy is the strongest. I never see her cry very much but I know she gets sad. I love to give mommy hugs; they make her feel better. I like to play my piano; I know it makes her smile. I do new things so mommy, knows I am getting smarter and I am growing bigger.

Some kids are not as lucky as me. I feel bad for them. I hope you have fun with your family. I hope your mommy is your hero.