This I Believe

Anthony - norfolk, Virginia
Entered on August 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Power of Love

There was no light around except for the frequent red flares coming from my cigarette as I took a drag. The sound of crickets and owls played together as if they were part of an orchestra. Sitting there in the dark, I started to think about my eighteenth birthday. It was only two months away. My mother had asked me days ago what I wanted. I was not be able of give her an answer because my mind was always preoccupied with the thoughts of my girlfriend, Rachael. It had been almost a year since I had seen her due to the move. The last time we were together, it was the most painful experience that I had ever faced. I needed to tell the love of my life that I was leaving and didn’t know when I was coming back. When I told her, she looked at me as if I had killed someone and then began to cry. Her tears were like arrows; every one that fell from her face pierced my heart and made me die a little inside. In our minds we knew that the love we shared would see us through that rough time. Trying not to start crying, I walked inside and crawled onto the floor in and area that I called my bed.

The next morning, I walked outside to one of the most beautiful days all year. The smell of the freshly cut grass filled the air while the sound of birds echoed in the background. It reminded me of the relationship and the unconditional love that I had with Rachael. Then out of nowhere I realized what I wanted for my birthday. It was a ticket back home, back to be with Rachael. I knew right away that my mother would be upset to hear that. We really didn’t have much money, and I was her only son, leaving her all alone. There was no way that she could deny me this. I was forced to move away from everything I knew, and the only person I loved. I was miserable in that new place without Rachael. My mother knew that buying me a one-way ticket was the only thing she could do to make me happy. After I told my mother what I wanted, she reacted how I thought she would. Much to my surprise, two weeks after my birthday, she handed me a bus ticket and wished me god luck. In the back of my mind I knew I was right, that love would see us through this.

Finally, I was back home with my girlfriend and everything I knew. It has been seven years since the terrible ordeal. Rachael and I have been married for five years, and have two children. Hailey is the oldest at five years old, and Damian is three years old. I have a great job and an unbelievable house that I call my own. Lust can make people do some crazy things at times, but nothing can compare to the power of love.