This I Believe

Ronnie - Micanopy, Florida
Entered on August 14, 2007
Age Group: 65+

God and the human psyche

I believe the human psyche necessitates the presence of a God; without a divinity, life as we know it would feel like a senseless void. There are almost as many perceptive versions of a supreme being as there are cultures; as demonstrated by the numerous recordings by our fellow mortals over the ages. I rationalize the controversy of myth and physical reality respectively as 99.9% unknown and 0.01% known.

If the Almighty does indeed exist, it is highly unlikely that we as mortals can visualize the depth and wisdom of God with our limited knowledge, psyche, and understanding. If, as mortals, we truly understood who God was then the differences of race, ethnic origin, intelligence, and social status would have no bearing on our reality. I don’t believe many of the words and thoughts we encounter every day would be anything God endorse, i.e. vengeance, hatred, physical harm, or any other description that is alien to love and respect. We mortals strive for perfection beyond our reach, which is good; not so good when the ego kicks in and takes over.

I feel there are a few honest and pure believers that feel like they have experienced a one on one dialogue with God; however, I wonder if an imperfect mentality has produced an encounter desperately needed at the time. I personally lean on the possibility that God does exist; knowing my mental capacity is comparable to the smallest particle element we have yet to discover to the expanse of all we will never know because of our sensual limitations. I recall my one experience, begging God to spare my wife who was in a comma with a cerebral aneurysm, I’m eternally grateful she survived.

I believe the largest problem confronting mortal man is the tendency to confine oneself to a small representation of existence. I have heard many comment that they have permanently switched off media or people after experiencing something contrary to their belief system. How on earth can anyone grow and learn by being close minded? I would not be surprised that some may still be holding on to the idea that the world is flat. For religion to make any sense for me, it has to encompass both science and myth. If anyone is sincere in their search for God, they would have to acknowledge the science of our physical reality. No human knowledge is absolute, life is a journey in time, the most learned are the most objective in their reasoning.