This I Believe

Kathryn - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on August 11, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50


I want peace

personal local national global

what about…

walking down the street with hello and hello back, good morning to you, too

no more cavalier wrapper throwers

more trees and flowers

sitting with your sweetheart and listening

not thinking just yet of what you’re about to say

peace shal-om and repeated

peace daily hours minutes seconds

tick tock around the clock peace

this friend with cancer

and that friend’s friend with cancer

and that neighbor with cancer and

that neighbor is positive

and I have M.S

and you have your body story and so do you and you

living in a body this living in a body

are you tired

are you weary

are you drinking enough water?

and even if we are

our rivers are polluted

our foods are juiced with

pesticides herbicides

food suicide from our sugar and caffeine blues

MSG color # 2 bad fats against good fats

our children are sick and fat and tired

we are certainly not any smarter with 25 choices of rice

we are all alone

each our own only child left behind

peace shalom and repeated

peace daily hours minutes seconds

tick tock around the clock where is peace

share some time with your nana

really look at the architecture around you

have an opinion about something speak up but not down

louder please I can’t hear us

news drip fear grip war trip

sin of kin

west wing liars

saving face genocide disgrace

800,000 slain Tutsis

and another war goes on, and another, and another

peace where is there peace anymore

tonight I think of Bosia Hersogovinia

be you Christian Muslim Orthodox Jew

Serb Croat

a child woman mother father brother sister

and I think of those right here in our own home town philly

around the corner under a tree

a young man sits with his head bowed in front of his brother’s coffin


far far away a woman is crushing cochineal bugs to make the deepest red color for her husband’s burial cloth

in Rwanda, Darfur, Sierre Lionne, Palistine, Israel, Iraq, Afganistan

or someone else somewhere else far far away

is boiling seashells to make the softest yellow ochre color for a wool cloth she will pound during a ceremonial dance

for rain because her village crops need rain

because her tears and blood are soaking the earth but the earth is thirsty and the rain is acid sad

we think of every po box area code and time zone

every people place and thing where the sun does and doesn’t shine

may we slow down to recognize and remember one another

somehow let’s bless each all and every moment

let’s prepare the vegetables for our salad with mindfulness

grow the vegetables yes plant the seeds

peace shalom and repeated

peace daily hours minutes seconds

tick tock around the dial be peace

we think of this and that continent country city district neighborhood street front door to home

if you have a front door if you have a home

if you have a country

or are you lost too?

tired overwhelmed confused angry busy frustrated

are you burdened seeming there’s a queue for life

let’s ignite our hearts for peace

let’s light a match for love within us ablaze

singed and glowing

for the world for our neighbors for ourselves

this is what I believe