Vote your conscious

Ronnie - Micanopy, Florida
Entered on August 11, 2007
Age Group: 65+
Themes: citizenship

We often hear potential voters questioning the value of voting: If you don’t vote, you deserve what you get. Why should I vote, most of the candidates are in it for wealth and power via corporate support? Voters on the bottom of the economic ladder rationalize that past history has shown them little if any benefit in taking the time and energy to vote. For many years I rationalized it is better to vote for the least damaging then not vote at all. However, lately I feel that rational is a hole patch up that never works.

The political media are more concerned with selling news than sorting out the facts versus the fiction. As an example: I would rather hear about a candidates unbiased history researched by the media than the political mudslinging of the candidates. These days, most of our exposure to the public media is composed of sensationalism, biased journalism, and commercial advertising of lies. There are far too few exceptions of unbiased programing; trying to hang on for all their worth. We Americans need to understand that sensationalism or a battle ground of the power holders will not carry the day.

In retrospect, I believe the only alternative for the American public is to make it a high priority to be counted and vote. However, when we encounter a particular office where all the candidates are questionable, cast a no confidence vote by not voting for any of them. When we come across a list of candidates that we have little knowledge warranting our vote, cast a vote of unknown. Both options of no confidence and unknown should be added as a viable part of the voting ballet. Winning an office by a small percentage of votes denies the office holder power, as if a cartoon character won the position. Keeping of the concept ‘what we vote for is what we get’ foremost in mind is likely to improve our political reality.

We have witnessed many catastrophes as a consequence of our voting history, as if we were playing a part in a comedy or a tragedy. Please give this American right the consideration and respect it deserves. Vote as if your life and the life of future generations depends on it. It’s time we stop asking ourselves ‘what’s in it for me’, lets consider what’s in it for America.