Sixth Sense

Lauryn - Fenton, Michigan
Entered on August 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

There I sat, a little four-eyed third grader, putting on her first pair of high-heeled shoes (which were really just sandals with wide, short platforms) with a huge smile on my face.

“I don’t think you should wear those to school, you might fall and break your neck” squawked my mom.

“What are you talking about mom?” I said, “I’ll be fine! I want to wear my new shoes!”

“Fine,” she sighed, “but don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

About four hours later my mother and I were sitting in the emergency room, waiting patiently for our turn so I could get a cast on my broken wrist. That’s right. Earlier during recess I had tripped over those darn heels she had warmed me about and landed right on my wrist, fracturing it. Not my brightest moment by far. As I sat there with my throbbing arm and a scraped knee, I couldn’t help but thinking, “Does mom know how to predict the future?”

I believe that no matter how much us kids try to deny it, ultimately, moms are always right. Now I don’t mean they know everything about everything, but those little warnings and pieces of advice they give as you walk out into the world each day are usually worth considering. This broken wrist story is a perfect example. It is just one of the many occasions when my mom put in her two cents and in the end was able to say, “I told you so.”

Moms have a sixth sense really. To be honest it’s kind of annoying at times! However, believing that I should follow my mom’s advice has prevented me from doing quite a few idiotic things that I would have regretted later. Trust me, if you don’t think you have a conscience, you’re wrong. Just go talk to your mom for five minutes. I believe moms are God’s guardian angels on earth. They watch over us and say the things that God knows we need to hear.

Of course my mom, being a mom, didn’t rub it in my face that she was right and I was wrong. With her motherly, sympathetic face she rubbed my back and told me everything was going to be okay. Only a mom would do that.

I only hope that one day I will be right about things! It must be a “mom thing” I guess. My mom will forever be my moral and logical compass. So every time your mom tells you not to wear a certain pair of shoes, you best not wear them!