This I Believe

AHO - Indian head, Maryland
Entered on August 9, 2007
Age Group: 65+
Themes: change

Significance of Change

Without it humanity would be unable to proceed from the fertilization of the eegg to the full development of our physical bodies, the normal networking of our bodily energy and most importanly the growth and development of the human mind to become “beings” of the human race and have rationale, intelligent and concious thoughts.

We live in a world of eathly time where in order to grow we must change and in order to change we must be embraced by the God of universal energy who can only be described metaphorically because of man’s predjudice, excesses and ego.

Just as a son can not know mire than their father about life so also the daughter can not know more about life then its mother as time, experience and our environment constantly molds, frames and keeps changing for each genrrations mental aotlook and thoughts as they go through the normal human aging process and its ever changing stages of human development and physical growth. growth.

I am a person who had a longevity of seventy five years and it has only been in the last several I have come to the above comments. s e