This I Believe

Juan - Port Richey, Florida
Entered on August 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

When we were back in my country, Colombia, we lived in a first floor apartment. The apartment had a little piece of yard, in fact I think that it was about a square yard. In there my dad had a little garden. Every weekend my dad watered the garden and took out the weeds. It was pretty and when somebody walked by they always admired the garden. I asked my dad what he did so that the garden was beautiful, and he said that he always talked to every single plant and tells them how pretty they were that day, he loved his garden and when he talks to his garden he showed his love for it. Each day the garden grew bigger and bigger, and it was more beautiful.

When we came to this country my dad left my aunt in charge of the garden. She lived next to us and she promised to water the garden and take out the weeds.

For a couple of months, each time we talked to my aunt or my friends, my dad asked how the garden was and they always said that it was okay, but that since he left, it wasn’t the same. They said it wasn’t that bright and colorful anymore.

The fifth month after we left, he called to ask about his garden, but my aunt told him that it was dying. By the sixth month, it was dead.

After that I knew that after we left there was nobody to show the plants some love, and therefore the plants became depressed and died.

That is why I believe that a little love can make the world a better and a nicer place to live.