This I Believe

Samuel - houston, Texas
Entered on August 7, 2007
Age Group: 65+

I believe that I am, in some way, responsible for all the other people and all the things on earth. I believe that everything is a balancing act. If we limit population at the same time that people are living longer, then we will eventually populate a world of old people. I believe that the big bang and galaxies and multiple universes and Higgs particles are more profound than the concept of an old man with whiskers, although they would be less comforting to the mass of people if they knew about such wonders. I believe that there is probably an irreversible trend toward elitism, in which the people who read, a dwindling minority, are gaining an ascendancy over the rest of the population that doesn’t. I believe that the people who aren’t part of this elite echelon sense that reality and fight against it, except for those who, understand the reality, elect and manage to join the inner circle. I believe this inequality is the cause of much of the unrest in the world. I believe that the United States is admired by much of the world because of the freedom its citizens enjoy so far, envied because of its standard of living and hated because of the high-handed way in which it has treated the rest of the world: Iran, Nicaragua, Haiti and Chile, for instance, where we deposed the constitutionally elected leaders; Mexico and Spain, whose territories we appropriated; China, in the colonization of which we participated, and our own indigenous people, whom we slaughtered, defrauded and imprisoned in reservations. I believe we have a moral imperative at least to acknowledge those wrongs and address them when we can. I believe no one should be deprived of health care, food, shelter or water. I believe the chances of achieving the goals imbedded in these beliefs are not good, but that working for them is worth the effort.