This I Believe

Kaytlin - Salem, Oregon
Entered on August 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

This I Believe

Are we destined to be with someone? Is it written in the stars, all mapped out before we are even born? Something planned without our control?

It seems to be in bedded into our DNA. That feeling of needing and wanting a ‘special someone.’ A life long search for that over powering feeling, we call ‘love.’ But what is it that makes us curious of such a feeling when we truly don’t even understand it?

A path set at the beginning of Earths creation, when God saw how lonely Adam was and needy of a companion. He created a love for man named Eve. Thus, the first two designed for each other were on their path.

Following down the blood line, God led Abraham’s servant down the path to Rebekah, the one created for Isaac. It wasn’t long before Isaac and Rebekah were married. It was the path made for them to go down.

In another story when Jacob encountered Rachel he kissed her. This path was chosen already by Jacob’s dream. A day or two before God had told him form on top of a stairway to heaven that He would be with him on this journey.

Another path that God himself made, Moses walked down. God led Moses out of days in the desert into a town named Midian. Where he fell in love with Zipporah, his destined one, who later became his wife.

Just like all of their paths you and I have one as well. The path you are set on may take awhile to meet the person on the other end. And there are also detours along each path to lead you away from the one you were made to be with.

We can’t deny the feeling deep within us to be loved by another. Or the tugging at our hearts to look for them. The old stories can’t be changed neither can the fact that God made someone special for you and set you on a path to meet them.

No one said it would be easy. You may bump into a few people along the way before you reach the one you are supposed to be with. But God will always have his way of showing you when you are looking in to the eyes of the right person.

Your path may seem hopeless at times but that is when you are looking at the ground and not in front of you. God knows it gets lonely; He made each of you and a special someone for you all to have and be with. So follow your dreams and when you least expect it He will reveal them to you.

We all have a special someone waiting walking their own path that will someday connect with ours when we are truly ready……..This I Believe.