Darian - Goose creek, South Carolina
Entered on July 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

The picture perfect image of a family is not always recognized by everyone. Families are not always a mom, dad, and one or two children. Some families are a struggling single parent raising a single child. To me you never really appreciate what you have until you have to live life with out it. Even at a young age I was forced to realize that I wouldn’t always have a father figure in my life. I believe family should be important to everyone.

My parents divorced when I was just the age of three. I did see my father occasionally on the weekends, but it still never felt whole. I would always have different friends come up to me and talk about their so called “normal families” and what it was like to always have two parents around. It made me feel like I was on an island by myself whenever I couldn’t relate to them. I soon realized that everybody didn’t have perfect families; I just needed to learn to adapt and be able to enjoy life with the type of family I was destined to have ever since the day of my birth.

I believe families are meant to be together not just bits and pieces here and there. In a sense a family can feel broken up; in most cases if there isn’t a significant understanding about how a family is supposed to function. In some cases, a family can still feel unwholesome even if there is a mother, and father if both of the parents are not working together to keep the bonds of family together. In many cases though, family can be a beautiful thing. To be able to enjoy the fact that you are surrounded by people who care about you is, in fact, one of the greater gifts in life. It is like a piece of candy that is sugary sweet on the outside, yet sour on the inside. I even in my still young life have been able to enjoy the sweeter side while having to go through the sour inner core to get to it. Family is a joy that I wish everyone could have, that even the worst of people could have, just for the simple fact that if there were more joy there would be more happiness, and everybody would have at least one shoulder to lean on.