This I Believe

whitney - raleigh, North Carolina
Entered on July 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe that horse slaughter is wrong.

Since I was a young child I loved horses. From my first horse show to my first Briar pony. The look, feeling, curiosity horses bring has always captivated me. When I was young, I leased my different horses and ponies before I got my own. Each had a different personality and taught me different things.

As I began to get older, and now owned my very own horse, I began to go to more horse shows and was more serious about riding. Showing hunter/jumper horses is a very exhilarating experience. Jason, my assistant riding instructor became closer to my family and would supervise me at horse shows when my parents could not attend.

Jason would always tell me stories about famous horses he had worked with and the families that owned them. One particular story caught my attention and has loomed over me since.

Jason moved from up north to out west. When he lived out west he was an instructor to a big wig New Mexico family. The family owned many nationally ranked horses and took their horses very seriously. Besides having show horses the family had a few pack/ trail horses. These horses took the family on trail rides around the ranch and were used for their leisure time. One morning, one of the horses became ill. The father, of the family, didn’t want to take the time or money to make the horse better. He knew it was on its death bed. The father asked Jason to drive the horse to a slaughter house in Texas. Appalled, buy knew if he didn’t do it he would loose his job, Jason drive the horse to the slaughter house.

When he pulled in he knew he would have to unload the horse and give him to vultures. This was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. In the horse world, people with do ANYTHING to win. From giving their horses drugs to sewing in fake tails. The horse world makes jokes on how they are a different breed, complex and without excuse.

Thousands of horses, each year, get sent to the slaughter house. These poor creatures don’t deserve the treatment or being killed.