This I Believe

Charles - Mount Prospect, Illinois
Entered on July 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that all the gods that anyone has ever worshipped or believed in are real.

As a Pagan, I believe that all living creatures have a soul, and that as such people are the equals of all other living things. With that in mind I believe it is a great atrocity to kill ants just because they are there, or to slaughter the trees of a forest for the lumber industry. Obviously we can’t survive without killing some creatures, but for this I believe in the law of the bears and beavers. If a bear would do it, so can we. Bears kill other creatures, both animals and plants, for food, and so can people. Bears kill other creatures in self defense when they believe that they or their families are in danger, and so can we. Sometimes inadvertently step on and kill other creatures, and if we did not realize that the ant was their, we have done nothing wrong by stepping on it. Beavers kill some plants to make their homes, and so can we, but they do not clear forests and neither should we. Bears and beavers do not hunt down what they do not intend to eat, and I believe that for us to do this is wrong.

Furthermore, as I said earlier, I believe in all the gods that have ever bean worshipped, not just by people, but by any living creature. I believe that all creatures have some spiritual belief, even a single celled organism, and that all of these beliefs are true. I believe that not one, but many spirit worlds exist, one for every set of beliefs, and that as such every religion speaks truth.

Because of this I believe that it is a horrible thing to convert someone from one religion to another. I believe that this is an attack not just on that person’s right to believe what they do, but an attack against their religion, and even the gods themselves.

I believe that diversity is a great thing. I believe that from diversity comes survival and that from individuality comes greatness. Most of all, I believe that the reason that the United States is a great country is that it protects freedom of religion and encourages diversity and individualism.