This I Believe

Amber - Goose Creek, South Carolina
Entered on July 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: fear


I believe that fear is meant to be tested. I believe this because of different things that have happened in my life. When I heard that my great-grandmother had died, I knew that I had lost someone I had relied on, and I was scared. I didn’t know if I would ever have someone who listened as well as she did. I didn’t know what would happen in my life as time went on and I didn’t have her there to listen to me. I had to trust that my friends were there to help me. They were, and I had to trust them to comfort me. Without my friends, I would have not made it; I had to cope with the loss by doing something. My friends were my something. They made me feel like my great-grandmother will always be there, even when she isn’t really there. I guess with fear, we have to lean on other people, which is like a test. We have to test ourselves to be able to let others in. If we do not believe in testing our fears, we won’t be able to do anything. We will be too afraid to laugh, to love, to move on to bigger and better things. If we never test our fears, we will never enjoy life. We will just go on thinking, “What happens if I do this, or if I do that?”, and we will never experience it.

We can try to work hard and to meet new people, but even those things make us have fear. Sometimes we get butterflies or feel like we may throw up, a special fear that can cause many things to feel impossible. When my fear is tested, I always know that God is there to protect me. I also have friends who will always help me conquer my fears, no matter how big or how small. One time, when I tried to conquer my fear of heights, I had to use a friend. My friend Alexandra was right behind me the whole time; she rode Top Gun with me so I wasn’t as scared. I conquered this fear with her, and she really helped me to push to reach “a new height.” When we test our fears, we must work hard to get away from our comfort zones. If we stay in that zone, our fears can get the better of us, and we cannot conquer anything, because our fears become too powerful. We have to let ourselves test our fears, to live our life, and learn new ways. Without conquering fear, nothing could happen, no one could trust anyone else, and no one could believe that someone else was a friend, and not a foe. Without overcoming our fear, there would be no friends to trust, no one to rely on, and no one to tell all your secrets to. I believe that fear is meant to be tested.