This I Believe

Vinod - Novi, Michigan
Entered on July 27, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in talking. You might think of this as a very strange personal belief since everybody like talking and without that we cannot exist. Then why I decided to write about this even though it is the thing that we do everyday.

I am talking about communication between the family members, members of the organizations, between countries. I started believing in talking since I started involving more with my family. I belong to a fairly big family and like any other big families my extended family also has issues. I belong to an Indian family and I thought it will be better to actively involve and try to find some solutions to the issues that keep different members of our family at odds. To keep the family together, I found out that it is very necessary to talk to each other and encourage others in the family to talk too. This is not just those plain happy “how are you” talks. But I engage them in talks about issues in the family, the good decisions that we can come up to alleviate those issues. I believe that talking from your heart takes those barriers created by distance away and start a new life of peace and happiness. Talking can heal the wounds created by long silence. I found this tool really useful and I started believing in it. I try to use this every time I get a chance to use it.

I worked in small organizations and found that talking about issues enable the members to work more closely and engage more freely and sincerely. Talking is a good method to bring out what everybody thinks about issues. Even people with attitudes have changed their behavior after we encourage them to express their thoughts. I believe talking is a very important tool. Talking between the members of the organisation created more ideas about making things better for the members and created more life for the organization. I found that talking works its magic in the small organization that I work with.

I believe countries who are at odds with each other can improve their relations much better if they engage each other in talks. If we don’t talk to them then we don’t know what they are thinking about us. Through talks we can find peace and make world a better place.

So to conclude my essay I request everybody to talk a lot to your children, your spouse, your parents, your siblings. Talking about issues will unload your weight of keeping everything to yourself and relieve your pain and makes your life much easier. I never found anything else which is better than a heartfelt talk to someone under distress.