This I Believe

Kenneth - PLeasanton, California
Entered on July 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Nothing to lose

“Though you fail, that is expected. But in succeeding, you become more of a man.” Those were the words my school track coach gave to the team as a final encouragement. Till this moment, his principle, his encouragement still has a major impact throughout my life.

When I was in primary school back in Hong Kong, the school district I was in would hold a sport day once every year among the community, seven to eight others primary school would compete with each other on sport events such as track and field, soccer, swimming and basketball. At that year, I was luckily to be select on the track team on relay race.

The school I was in was well known for being an underdog on sport day since it was established, for my school either ended up in the last place or the second last. There are schools that are known for their athleticism, and I am positive that we are not one of them. Throughout the rigorous training, our coach would keep on reminding us we should not look back on the past, and as long as you work hard, you will be able to achieve your goal. No matter how well it turns out, at least you tried hard for that outcome.

At the final five minutes before the race start, my coach said to us, “We have done our best during the last couple of weeks, and even though we may not be the best team in this competition, sometimes failure is not such of a bad thing. Don’t you think the words “Try, because you have nothing to lose” are wise words? Life is fun because occasionally you succeed in what you try. Though you fail, that is expected. But in succeeding, you become more of a man.” I was totally inspired by what he had to say, and suddenly I had a fervent desire to win the competition. In the end, we did break our losing streak, although we didn’t get into the top three, but my team managed to rise up to the fourth place on track and field, but on other categories, we were still last. Almost everyone was stunned by our effort, included myself.

Nowadays whenever I am in a position of challenging new obstacle, I would reminisce on what coach said to us. His encouragement supported me to join the school track team once I immigrated to United State, and beside relay, I also took part in high and long jump which aren’t my fortes. In doing so, it satisfied my desire on thriving new challenges; Moreover, I have learned to approach people with confidence and be able to express my feeling toward females. The timid side of me no longer exists whenever I am with a girl. And it’s all due to what my coach taught me over the year.

Recalling from what the coach said before the race, it brings a smile to my face, not only it reminds myself one of the best moments of my life, but also teaches me a life long lesson which I will never forget. I believe I will try no matter what the outcome is because I have got nothing to lose. Though you fail, that is natural. But in succeeding, you become more of a man.