This I Believe

Juan - 33418, Florida
Entered on July 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that no one should be judge just from his/her appearance; instead we should look what is inside in a person.

When I was in high school I had many friends, but I never thought that

Daniel would be one of them.

We used to go to the same high school, same class, but we were not in the same group of friends, he was classified as a “geek”. He always had the highest grades of the class and he used to wear funny clothes, and was the center of all the jokes that my friend made even in his presence.

Daniel was a larger guy and appeared uneducated in selfcloathing, and was always studying to achieve highest G P A. I never said anything about him, but I also never defended him either, and to be honest; I was never even interested in conversing with him, mostly because I was afraid of what my friends would think and say about me if I befriended him.

I come from Ecuador. High school there is way different than here in that: toward the end of high school we choose what we want to finish studying our last 2 years. Let’s say that if you want to go to college and you want to be an engineer then you will take, math drawing and so on…

I wanted to become a business man; therefore I had to take math, physics, and computer classes.

Daniel the “geek” was in the computer class, and because there were enough computers the teacher decided to make groups of 2 people.

With my bad luck my teacher put me as Daniel’s partner, I told the teacher to change my partner, but she said the groups would stay the same.

At the first I was uncomfortable with the idea of being his partner, but I had to adapt to it. The class wasn’t even all that bad; the teacher wouldn’t complain if you talked during the class with friends that weren’t partners, as long as the exercises were being accomplished. Either way I still hated the fact that this nerd had to be my partner, as if it wasn’t boring enough just sharing the same computer.

For the first couple of weeks we barely even talked, and every time I got to class I was immediately placed in a bad mood over this overwhelming thought that the least popular kid was still my partner.

Things carried on as usual, but one day when a (once sickening) thought burst through my head (probably because a couple of buddies where absent that day but), I decided to figure out a little more about this guy, I thought “how could I hate a guy so much, that I do not even know.” As soon I said, “what’s up!” He answered back normally as if nothing. We kept talking through the remainder of class, and to my surprise we actually had a whole lot in common.

Before the year was even over we had became great friends, but he never became a friend of my original group of friends. My friends would say “what are you doing hanging out with him”, and things like that, but I never paid attention to them.

The year was over; and I went on vacation. When I returned back to school after vacation, I realized that Daniel was no longer in my high school.

The last time that I spoke to Daniel was at the end of last year right before I went on my vacation, since then I haven’t spoken to him, and I always wondered why I didn’t give myself the opportunity to become his friend before the teacher ever made us partners.