This I Believe

circee - riviera beach, Florida
Entered on July 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe I can overcome any challenges or situations as long as I am willing to work and set my mind into accomplishing it

Living in Haiti is very challenging and limiting. To overcome that poverty, sometimes you have to move to another country for a better life; however, it is not easy to do so. After my father died, it was really hard for my family especially for my mother. I have seen several other children in poverty because they lost their parent. I knew if I or other member of my family did not anything, we will end-up just like them. I did not cry every day over it; instead, I worked hard, played soccer for city’s team, and went to school concurrently. I believed things would be better tomorrow than today, and every day I was moving toward a better life. Some other member of my family, whom I am very proud of, did the same. For example, my sister worked and sent herself to the greatest university in Haiti. After she graduated, she got a good job, worked for the government, and got a visa to come to the U.S. In addition, she got the opportunity to give me a visa for three months. I believed I was not going to be like the other kids, and I would have a better life whether I was in Haiti or here in U.S.

The second challenge or limitation I overcome and very proud of myself for is giving my children the life I thought was impossible to have. I know things are going to be better, but I am fine with the way they are from the way they were. Living with my children’s father was a pain for my kids; we always argued for no important reason. It was hard for me to see my kids suffering like that. I felt there was nothing I could do because I had just moved from Haiti, did not speak English, and was not working. However, I made some changes; I sent myself to school, worked two jobs, and moved out with them. It was all on me. Despite some mistakes I made, I am very proud of what I accomplished in that situation.

In conclusion, there will always be a limitation or a challenge in life, but it is up to us to successfully or partially overcome those limitations and those challenges. As you can see, those two limitations or challenges are the most important obstacles that I have overcome. I believe I was going to have a better life, and I have a wonderful one; in addition, I wanted a better life for my kids; I did. I can overcome any limitations and challenges as long as I want to, so do you!