This I Believe

John - Danville/ California/ 94506, California
Entered on July 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

John Lincoln Naulu

Instructor Schmidt

English 122

1 July 2007

Essay #1

This I Believe

I grew up in a household of six, with my parents, my sister, and two brothers. We were brought up in the Mormon faith, attending Church every Sunday. When I was young and just turned three, two weeks later my Mom got into a car accident, and past away. In sobbing for her loss, my Dad who worked part time at the time, had to work full time in order to take care of us; with Mom no longer around. At the time being, my Dad handed us to my grandparents who took well care of us and who were Free Methodists. By living under their roof and know attending their Church, I began to see how Church was portrayed. I began to believe in Church. I believe that it associates with personal relationships. With church, I believe in worship, and above all, my understanding that comes from the lessons taught to me out of The Holy Bible.

In my life, I am faced with a relationship that I’ve built with my Church. A close relationship with those who understand my daily struggles in life: and my Church Friends who help keep me strong, on an daily bases. My personal relationships with friends and family outside of Church, are different in some ways. Most likely I stay on the surface when socializing. I cant really relate to them as far as my personal relationships; I see within Church; and what I practice daily. Whether I’m at work, at the grocery store, or at school; throught my daily life, I am challenged left and right, with opening up and being social.

My family enjoyed singing as we grew up. By attending Church, I began to watch and see how these Worship Leaders lead this growing Church of about one-hundred people. I began to understand the difference on how my emotions would play from the fast songs to the slow. How freely others would sing, despite on how they sound. But what I enjoyed above all, was the sermons. They were Spiritually and Biblically lead and how those words are interoperated into worship songs. This heat of mine that hungered for the understandance of this gift of life, a brokenness that I thought that I could ignore in my relationship with my family. This, I found worship. Worship that concurs my feelings I have for my Lord. Worship that is an unfathomable feeling in which is felt within my soul.

Above all this was taught to me through my parents and grandparents. I don’t feel a need to keep on seeking for my belief in life. For Church associates with my personal relationships, with those around me, what I learned through worship, and the understanding of the lessons taught to me. But it also has taught me to view life in a growing aspect. It has helped me with my daily struggles in life, that I could not have done alone. I believe in Church.

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