This I Believe

Simran - California
Entered on July 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

What is self image? How does one see themselves? I believe that how we portray ourselves is how we will be seen by society. People will always judge me by the way I look. Being born and raised in America, it seems as though our form of judgments have changed.

I have been playing basketball ever since the fourth grade. It is my passion and only escape from the daily stresses of life. I used to act like a major tomboy. Basketball shorts, t-shirt and ponytail were all that my fashion consisted of. It was what I was known for among my friends and classmates. Although I was an honors student at school, it was not my main priority. Over the first three years of high school, I had begun to live, breath and speak basketball. If I was not at practice, I was at a game, and if I was not at a game I was outside playing it. My best friend had told me that she could not speak to me about anything but sports. They felt as though that was all I knew. Shopping was not the first thing they would offer to do with me. Before my senior year of high school, I realized that I had become entranced by this persona that I did not want. The only way I could go about and bring this change was to first bring change within myself. I worked on my attitude, my appearance, and my style. It was obvious that people were going to judge me by the way I looked and spoke.

My first day back, I was a new me, and all my friends saw this within an instant. It was hard for them to accept because it was not what they knew me for. I found out that I had to find a good balance between the roles I wanted to play. I can be my sporty self while being the so called “girly girl”. I learned one thing though. People are always going to see me as how I see myself. I can change or alter how I want to be viewed by society. We are our own person and it is up to us to find what fits.

Whenever we are looking for future partners, friends or acquaintances, we see what they wear, how they look, and how they hold themselves among other people. If I cannot find the change within myself first, people will never be able to see a different side of me. This is what I had come to realize. It is up to the individual to show people how they want to be seen. We live in such a place that forces us into conformity. You must belong in order to feel wanted. I am who I am and people will always find the true me, it is just up to me to show it. I believe that how we portray ourselves will forever be the way people see us. It is up to me to discover my self image. We are who we are and will be who we were meant to be.