This I Believe

Rodrigo - Brockton, Massachusetts
Entered on July 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe

People believe in all sorts of stuff in the world, some beliefs are silly, funny

or they can be serious. You can believe in anything you want because it just might

happen or not, you never know.

I believe that taking risks, making new decisions and always trying

something new can have consequences but it’s always worth it. You can learn from

your mistakes then you move on and try again. Pushing your self to take risks can

be challenging, but at least you’re trying.

I believe in what I believe because it relates to throughout my entire life.

I’m always taking risks, looking for something new to try and definitely making new

decisions. When it comes to making decisions, for me it can be anything. From what

clothes to wear and what sneaker to match, new foods or even a sport to play. I

never know if I might be missing out on anything. Life is, after all, too short so I live

mines to the fullest.

There was a bad experience with a decision I made one day. I learned a lot

from what happened. I was starting high school, my freshman year and I made

some promises that I knew I couldn’t keep. I promised this girl I was going out with

at that time, that I would never cheat on her. I kept it until school started, then at

my bus top I met another girl that I started liking her too. So we started going out

too and it was going alright on both sides until I got what I deserved. My sister, I

really could never trust her that much. So I told my sister I was going out with the

girl at my but stop and I thought I could trust her. Not really, she told her I had

another girlfriend. The other girl, the one I was going out with when school started,

called the other one and told her what was going on. I broke up with the first one.

That same night we talked again and she was heartbroken. It was mostly because of

the promise I made and I was too, because I regretted I ever did all of that. That’s

the way consequences comes in and gives you what you deserve, I learned to never

make a promise about something that you have a bad instinct feeling about. That

changed my entire life because I will never cheat again. I wouldn’t say it was worth

cheating on her because that’s not what I had in mind, but it sure thought me a


I believe that you should always take risks, make new decisions and always

try something new. Don’t worry about anything, that’s life, you make choices and

you don’t look back. Consequences are consequences, they will eventually get to

you. When they do so, be ready to take on obstacles.