This I Believe

Lelanie - San Ramon, California
Entered on July 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

My belief of coffee

I believe in coffee. From the coffee houses of the 16th century to modern day café’s, coffee has made a profound effect on the lifestyles of many people from all aspects of life. Coffee helps jazz up your day and puts a kick in your mouth.

I believe the aroma of coffee is success in a mug, it wakes you up and starts your day. The aroma of coffee varies with its varieties and all coffee has its own distinct flavorful aroma. Aroma of coffee can be nutty, chocolaty, smokey, and even have the smell of luscious caramel. I believe the best part of coffee is its aroma because it’s hard to go wrong with coffee and its smell. I have never walked into a coffee house that didn’t have an exquisite aroma from all its varieties. Although the taste is just as good coffee can go wrong if not made the right way, but the smell is always wonderful.

I believe coffee taste good either hot or cold. The taste of coffee is only best when served fresh. I love the taste of coffee because of all its varieties, with so many to choose from you’re bound to like at least one.

Coffee is an art. The espresso so finely poured with the elegance of frothed milk shaped in to a creation of images. The art of coffee deals with its maker. The baristas in a coffee house blaze the machines and brew coffee like a thunderstorm pours down rain, it rains coffee in a coffee house. I believe in the way baristas form art with milk. The hearts and leaves that make the presentation of coffee so elegant it is like a painting on a wall. I believe in the professional baristas that go above and beyond to make coffee look so exquisite that sometimes it is hard to take that first sip.

I believe in Starbucks and all the wonderful coffee houses that make you feel at home. When you walk in the door its like music to your ears with all the coffee being made, Starbucks is a joy for all. We love hanging out there and enjoy doing our major assignment that are due within twenty- four hours. The caffeine in coffee helps us stay up till the break of dawn to get absolutely anything done. Caffeine puts the kick it coffee and helps up wake up.

I believe that there is nothing like coffee the way you like it. I like my coffee with cream and sugar, even garnished with biscotti. I believe that the latté it absolutely wonderful and my favorite out off all. I can’t resist its steaming luscious aroma. I love the foam and all that comes with it. The latté is perfect anytime even on a hot summer day iced and ready to be consumed.

I believe I know that I am not an expert on coffee, but I sure do know that it is loved by many. Coffee has been around so long that we all just keep finding new ways to jazz up that success in a mug.

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