This I Believe

Lester - Severance, New York
Entered on July 23, 2007
Age Group: 65+
Themes: science

I am overwhelmed by the world to such a degree that I have re-defined the very word “belief.” The concept of “belief” has become a negative force within me, expressed by the following poem:



I believe the mathematician, natty brown moustache crisp white sleeves,

who drew a circle triumphant on the chalkboard , truth revealed:

this circle and every other circle to be circled whirls…whirls through two imaginary lines in infinity; believe also in PCP, DDT, effluence,

influence and opulence; most certainly believe in rebates and money-back guarantees, and used syringes sparkling in the sun.

I believe Brother Double Helix knows that starstuff crumbles inexorable

to the flow of the showers, the ovens…the skulls and red rivers of Pol Pot,

inexorable to all the nooks and crannies before and after, to this very minute,

at this very writing…bodies and bodies of belief.

I believe in the three black S.U.V’s growling on my neighbors driveway;

in the torrents from the Polar Caps rushing into ocean which one day soon…

how soon?…soon… will turn into clear carbonate seltzer; I believe

the cigarette haze that wafted an exquisite violist, her chin and collar bone

pressing the neck of the viola, now gone forever with the puffs; I believe

in the Pearly Gates, that boils of the Inner Ear pop/pop/pop in the Blood

of the Lamb.

Most particularly I believe in the Titanic, in O Rings…in divine Chutzpah.