This I Believe

David - Los Lunas, New Mexico
Entered on July 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love


I believe in love. That was a phrase I never thought I’d be able to say in High School. I was that type of guy who enjoyed his freedom and avoided relationships. My junior year was when this all started to change. I had met a very special girl named Jessica Gallegos. When I first met her, she was mean in different ways; the last thing she wanted was a serious relationship. This was funny because for the first time I wanted a relationship. There was something about her I wanted and could not ignore. For some odd reason I stuck with her and tried as hard as I could to show her I was no ordinary guy. I wanted her to know and believe that I was different than other guys she had known and I wanted her to think I was special.

About a year later she confessed her love for me. At this time I was confused because I had never before felt the way she was feeling. Every night after that she would end our phone conversation with the words, “I love you.” Sadly I would never say it back. Exactly one month later I felt something I had never felt before, love. If it wasn’t love it sure felt a lot like it. I had never had feelings this strong for anyone before.

From that point on she and I could not let go of each other. We had been through a lot together and it only caused our trust to grow. Trust is a major key in love. Knowing that I had messed up a couple of times, she never gave up on me and more importantly, she never gave up on us. I realized I was in love when she gave me a warm feeling in my heart. I was always so comfortable with her and I just felt like I was home when I was in her arms. Jessica and I came very serious.

Even though we will be attending different colleges in the fall we’re planning on staying together. We have trust in each other and faith that ever thing will be ok. Just recently, she promised herself to me and promised that she would wait for me in college. I didn’t have any money to buy a promise ring because I was saving up for college. So one day I tied a piece of string around her ring finger and I told her I’d get her a real one someday. Giving her that promise ring was a very big deal to me I never believed in promise rings, let alone falling in love in High School, until I met Jessica. We both feel that we will be able to deal with the distance and time apart that comes with going to different schools; but we’re confident that we will make it through.

Through all that we have been together, we have created major keys that hold our love together.