This I Believe

Charlu - Richmond, Texas
Entered on July 21, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: children, family, war

I believe that our troops are brave, wonderful , and somehow better than all of us who are not laying our lives on the line. So saying, I believe, that our troops are still laughing, running, skipping, and dreaming children in side. My son, Captain William Kent, is serving in Iraq right now. He has written to tell me how excited he was to see the new””Transformer”” movie. As he told someone there on the battle field, “”I have been waiting 20 years to see Transformers, and only been in the army 3 years.”” Another big event for my Will, was the 7th Harry Potter book. I sent Sorceror’s Stone to my boy during his 1st year in college. I was so disappointed when Will brought it back that summer unread. He told me that he had more important reading to do that semester. That was the summer that Goblet of Fire came out. William, his brother, Cody and I all read the 1st three books, while we made plans to go to a book party for Goblet that summer. My boys were hooked!! We all dressed up as Harry Potter characters and had great fun,finding out our houses(Cody and I are Griffidors, my husband,Norman is a Hufflepuff, and William is in Slytherin!). We fought over who would be the 1st to read Goblet(William won!). I was so disappointed when Will told me that he had ordered his own copy of Deathly Hallows. This is the first time he would not be with Cody and me as waited for our copy of the book since that first book party. As I waited in line last night, I held the thought of my beautiful son in my heart-knowing that he was already reading his copy of the last Harry Potter–afterall, Iraq is 11 hours ahead of Texas!! I was so sure that our troops would be getting their copies at midnight on the 21st of July just as we did. Imagine my disappointment when I checked my e-mail this morning and Will l had not seen his book. That 6 year old self within my son’s 26 year old body, was heartbroken. Another, example of our troops being supported I suppose. I will save my book reading until my son, William can start his copy—not a big way to show my love–but, I know he will appreciate it. Of course, I hope he doesn”t tell me how it all ends–he does read faster than me!! I believe that our troops are still our small children in their hearts, for all the adult dicisions they have to make.