This I Believe

Darby - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on July 20, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65


I believe in One

the One of Abraham

Jesus, Mohammed

the One of love

harmony, beauty, equality

the One of the universe

of a hundred billion galaxies

quintillions of stars

eternally moving outward.

A drop of water —

its every atom’s

every electron unique.

I believe we can stop killing.

I believe we can learn to live

with the rest of creation

because we are the river

the atmosphere

the soil and the mountain.

I believe we can all get by

serving one another

seeing the beauty around us

sharing our talents

being frugal

wanting what we get.

We will fear death but

we will love death returning

to the mystery of Being

without a body

as the body becomes

a bed of dandelions

spreading seeds all over the world.