This I Believe

ashley - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on July 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

One of the many things I believe in is trust. Trust should be everyone’s thought when it comes to meeting new people and getting new friends. It’s hard to trust people because you never know if you can trust the person. Then one day your on jerry Springer and your best friend is telling you that she’s slept with you boyfriend, you never know who you can trust. Sometimes you can’t even trust yourself in some situations that you don’t know if you’re going to be able to control yourself. In some case you can’t trust your family to, everyone has a mind of their own and when they want to do something their going to do.

One of the best examples of people trusting people and then those people turn around and screw them over is TV shows. Shows like the O.C and One Tree Hill have the characters in every episode screw someone over in some way. It’s sad that, that’s what we basically live our life upon. We see it on TV atomically we’re going to have it in our head that we can do stuff like they do. It’s sad that for our amusement we like drama, like fights hitting or screaming fights. That’s what entertains us

In my family the most dramatic thing in my life has to trust my family. When I was about 6 years old my grandfather had been accused of taking a lot of money from the government. My grandfather worked at the DEA for about 20 to 21 years. He had started his own business called Bowman Enterprises Inc. and the government said that he put about 6 million of government dollars into the Bowman Enterprises account. In 1997 basically our whole world was token for underneath us. The government took everything 2 houses, couple cars, jewelry and other items. We trusted him when he told us that it was just a scam and he really didn’t do it. He’s family so of course we want to believe him but in the back of your head you just can’t really know. My grandfather has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy ever since he was a teenager. He helped in charity called muscular dystrophy telethon, would you think someone that was like this could something like this and to put all his family under that belt. But we have to trust him because he is family.

Trust can go along way with people. It will make you think about the people you decide to call your friends, either you can trust them or not. In everyone’s world someone will loose their trust, its just the way goes. When you want to earn someone’s trust you have to think about what you can do so that they can trust you again. You can gain someone’s trust in many ways it just might take awhile before you can earn someone’s trust that easily. If you have no one to trust then you have no one to tell your secrets to and your just going to keep them all inside then its just going to come out sooner or later.