This I Believe

Luz - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on July 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


My mother, the most influential person in my life, has taught me the importance of independence, strength and forgiveness. I was thirteen years old when my mom the hardest decision that would change our lives dramatically. She was leaving my father and taking us to a whole different world, The United States. My father, a typical Mexican macho man, didn’t, treat my mom with the respect a mother and a wife deserved. He would come home late after being with other woman and complained about everything. Though he was a great loving father, it had been enough for my mom, so we left.

We had a rough time coming to America,, at one point I thought about giving up and then my mom told me, “We are women, that doesn’t mean we are weak, let’s show to ourselves we are strong, so you better get up and face the obstacles God puts in your way.” I could not believe those words had come out of her mouth, I had always seen her as a submissive woman, who didn’t have the courage to stand up to my father, and would ways depend on him. The whole image change when we finally got to the USA. She got a job as soon we found an apartment to live in. She worked as a busgirl from seven in the morning until one in the morning the next day. The only day we had time to spend with her was on Sundays. It was difficult for her, but I don’t know how, she would always manage to spend time with us or cook dinner for us before going off to work. I never heard her complained or saw her tired she would always had a smiled for us.

That’s why I believe every single mother in the world are to be admired, for they’ve shown us their strength when giving birth and through our different phases of our lives. The patience they have to take care of their children, but most importantly for always listening to our problems without ever judging us.

I admire and deeply love my mother. She has shown me how to be independent and tolerant. I’ve done things that have made my mom suffer, but she had never left my side and has always been there for me. She is my friend, my confident and my mother. I, one day, want to be just like her so when I grow up and have my children, they would be as proud of me, as I am of my mother. This is’ what I believe in, in loving and always be thankful of having a mother that you can lean on and never leave you aside.