Alexander - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on July 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children, sports

I believe that boys should be taught the art of battle and combat from a very young age. I was informed of a society like this in the movie 300.This idea is called agoge. On a boys 7th birthday he is taken out of society and put into a world of violence. He was put into military training for the rest of his life. He was taught everything in the field of combat and at age 12 he was sent out into the wilderness for one year to teach him survival. Then at age 20 is when they were considered men and lived in the barracks as full time solders. I believe that every boy should have to go through this in our society. Not only would we develop great solders, but more people would be in shape and there would be less obesity. Our status in society is based off of what other people think of you. If people are scared of you and believe you are a good solder or fighter, your status will be higher. The US as a society should do this because it would create a force so great and a country so united as the Spartans were that we would be a stronger country as a whole.

This would not just benefit us in a physical aspect but in a social aspect as well. When going through vigorous training you must look to the people around you for support. This would make almost any boy so close to the other boys that they can use the term “brother.” Spartans influenced this society and it would truly be the ultimate society. The Spartans are famous for being one of the greatest societies ever. I envision our country being like that because of this.

If we adopted this Spartan type of society we would be united and deadly. We would be both feared and respected for the way our country raised its children. The Spartan society is something I both respect and believe in. I believe in a society like this and I think that the society can truly grow because of agoge. No more materialism, no more selfishness, no more immatureness, a Spartan or graduate of agoge fights with his brother next to him for him, his family, and his country. There are no prizes there are no rewards, only the feeling of doing ones job on the battlefield.