Role models

Victoria - Puyallup, Washington
Entered on July 17, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

What is a role model? What makes a “good” role model?

To me a role model is someone that you can look up to, take a part of their life and make it your own. Parents are often what we think of for role models, or people we see in the media. Who is better for a child, some one who can talk to us, guild us, or influence us, or someone we see as a one dimensional person in the media? A role model, can anyone like a family member, friend, or positive person. Those in the media like rock stars, athletes, movie stars, and celebrities are also role models. Because they are exposed to us through the media, they should be mindful of their behavior, when the eyes of the world are on them.

As I get ready to have my first child I think about whom will her role models be? As she grows up, will she be more influenced by those around her like her friends and family, or those in the media? I hope it will be family and friends. As her dad and I prepare for her arrival we realize we will be her first role models; what should we teach her first?

I have been a role model to other children my friends have had, always telling them the truth about questions they have, being there as a friend, and sharing personal stories about me growing up. When I was in a bad way with a drug addiction I avoided seeing my friends and their children, because I did not want to influence them in a bad way. My best friend and I were talking about that the and she appreciates what I did, but at the same time she wishes that I had come around so that she could have been my role model to quit doing drugs. We laughed about it knowing that we were both right in our own way.

If you ever get the chance to be a role model take advantage of the opportunity you have to influence someone’s life for the better. Don’t leave it up to the most popular person in the media at the time.