This I Believe

Jennifer - Bangor, Maine
Entered on July 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

If you were to ask somebody what was best thing that happened to them that lead to the way they live today, they are bound to say something like; having children, graduating from college, or having supportive parents. If you ask me, on the other hand, I will tell you that the best things that happened to me are things such as having OCD, peer pressure, or even being made fun of. This is because I believe in finding the good in otherwise bad situations. You might wonder what good can come out of OCD, or being made fun of, or my peers pressuring me to do something that I know is wrong, and I can tell you what good it did for me. As a child with OCD I thoroughly despised having it, and I thought my life was awful, but as I matured to a young adult, I looked at it differently. Having OCD I have been taught how to take care of myself and how to tell adults that I need help. I’ve been taught to realize when I am not comfortable, and to stay out of situations that will upset me. I have become a strong person, maybe not physically, but mentally. I am confident in my ability to overcome any problems that I face, and I am always ready for a challenge. As for being pressured into doing something wrong, I now realize that I come first, and no matter how much I like my friends, nobody is important enough for me to compromise my values. I now know that my family will support me, and help me find the right path to take. I know to listen to my gut, and if something feels like it is wrong, I shouldn’t do it. I know that I can ask for help when I need it. The most important thing that came from this is that I learned who I am and what I value, and I learned what to do in a bad situation. Now what good can come from being made fun of? For me, it was the ability to like myself for who I am, what I am good at, and to be comfortable in my own skin. The most important thing I learned is that I shouldn’t conform to other people’s ideals and standards, and I should always act, dress, talk, and be, the way I want to.

My belief in finding the good doesn’t only relate to bad things that happen to me, but bad things that happen anywhere. For example, an awful situation is a parent being sent to fight for our country, but out of this may come the realization that you under appreciate them being in your lives and all of the things that they do for you, or maybe you see you parent in a whole new way, not just as you mom or dad, but as a hero willing to go to a foreign place to fight for our country. What about if an elderly relative passes on? This is surely an awful thing to happen, but if you look around you at a time like this, you will see a family putting aside their differences to stay strong and to be supportive of one another. Maybe you will even hear some stories from family and friends about your relative and you learn things you never knew about them before.

So you see, life is about perspective. You can focus on all of the bad things in this world and have a sad, depressing life, or you can find the good, and live a full, exciting, and rewarding life. I, personally, would like to have the latter, and that is why I believe in finding the good in an otherwise bad situation.