This I Believe

Melissa - London, United Kingdom
Entered on July 15, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Punctured for a Purpose

I believe that we have to allow ourselves to be hurt, punctured, so that we are permeable – can make exchanges with one another and with the world. If we are not perforated then everything we have to share is kept inside. It is safe, but useless. And will atrophy.

When I am hurt, I want to run away and hide. I want to withdraw into a safe place. I don’t want to be punctured again. I don’t want to feel the hurt. l don’t want to examine what’s inside; to face it; to understand it. I want to close up that little tear as quickly as I can. I want to be impermeable.

But sitting in a restaurant, looking at the fresh tea bag on the saucer, ready to be plunged into the cup of hot water in front of me, I understood. What use is a tea bag with no perforations. What pleasure can it bring – what purpose can it serve. The hot water must soak the leaves and the leaves must give up their flavour – that is their purpose.

So do what you will. Say what you will. And although I want to run away and hide, I will not. And although I want to close up the tear, quickly quickly, I will not. And although I do not want to examine what’s inside, I will do so.

And I will learn from what is revealed to me through the myriad of tiny wounds.

And I will thank you.

And I will share my emerging Self with the world.