This I Believe

Richard - SS7 1DS, United Kingdom
Entered on July 14, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that a huge proportion of the worlds ills today result from the break up of the traditional family unit. I was raised in a family unit in the 40’s and 50’s. This had its ups and downs but survived to the end of my parent’s lives – as it is said – “till death us do part” – more should live to that promise.

The fracturing of the family unit has reached 50% or so in the United Kingdom – some of those fractures occur before there is a “family”. That is possibly a good thing as the grief that children suffer at the hands of parents that split up must be painful beyond belief. It must also plant the seed of fragility in any relationship they may try and nurture in the future.

I have seen friends drift off with other partners, form new relationships and indeed have seen that fail also.

My own life with my wife, and then family, has seen turmoil – usually from an external economic source – redundancy – but it was the strength of the unit that made possible the relative comfort we have today. Our early years together were tough in most sectors of the relationship but we have seen it through and have the bond now to live up to the promise we made.

I don’t put much store in words of Love, Religion, God – I think they bring other sets of problems with them – I just needed “faith and trust” in the other half of my family and they needed that from me – that’s all it takes.

I am not advocating that people in relationships that have violence between them should “tough it out”. It may help however if other stronger family units around them intervened and tried to explore where the problems have developed and where the “faith and trust” broke down. I have done this for others and it is rewarding, even if you fail on occasions.

The more relationships that fail the more that will fail, many are trying “relationships” for a second and third time – they have experience of how to handle failure – “faith and trust” must be so much more difficult second time around.

We need a society that will stand up and say what needs to be said on all and any subject. Not one that hides behind the lie of “Political Correctness”, a term generated by Politicians to cover their own incompetence, failures and weakness – and one that we have been indoctrinated with in Orwellian proportions.

“Political Correctness” is the Alter on which most of the battles of today’s world were created.

We need World Governments that recognise the “World Family Unit” – they need to create structures and relationships within which World “faith and trust” can blossom. I accept it is difficult with the radical stance taken by some today however that is primarily born out of broken “World Relationships” from times past – tensions have blossomed because “faith and trust” broke down between Nations – no wonder it is so hard for Nations to understand each other – second time around.