This I Believe

Anthony - Millerstown, Pennsylvania
Entered on July 11, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

Poem that rhymes

I forget myself

or so it seems.

I rant and rave

I’m not serene.

I lose my cool

I come undone

My face gets red

It’s not much fun.

A breath or two

a grounding thought

is all it takes,

so I’ve been taught

to melt away

this monster-me

and free Myself

to calmly be.

The theory’s fine

yes, it’s a plan

yet day to day

like flames I fan

come these moments

of angry heat

when getting even

seems like a treat.

So, what to do

to live a life

of simple joy

devoid of strife?

Move forward still

from the moment’s ire

and only stroke

True Happiness’ fire.