This I Believe

Lois - Big Sandy, Texas
Entered on July 10, 2007
Age Group: 65+
Themes: Christianity

I believe that God is the author of creation, and whether God created ‘the heavens and the earth” over seven 24-hour days or several billion years is unimportant in the total story.

Because I believe God is the author of creation, I should be delighted, not frightened, at the idea of intelligent life on another planet, in another solar system. Whether the Great Pyramid was built by ancient Egyptians or by little silver-colored creatures with big doe eyes, they remain an engineering marvel, still celebrated all these millennia later.

I have no doubt that God attempted to guide the minds and actions of the men who gathered almost 2000 years ago to put together the books we know collectively as the Bible. I am not so sure they listened to God’s advice. It would have been very human for them to select the stories that supported what they wanted God’s word to be.

If I truly believe that God is the author of creation, I should not be uneasy when others worship differently than I do. From the beginning of history, other faith traditions have shared creation stories, flood stories, stories of great battles and great heroes. We have had much in common over the centuries.

Many ancient traditions center their worship around natural objects: trees, mountains, even storms. What must God think of our present tendency to clear cut land to build more shopping malls, bigger houses, even new churches? I believe God gave us stewardship over the beauty he created, expecting us to nurture and preserve, not to annihilate our natural world.

God gave us minds and brains and spirits. From the earliest medical discoveries of herbal remedies to the polio vaccine in the 1960s, from the invention of the telescope to the Big Bang, all these decades later the human mind still uncovers marvelous ideas.

I believe humankind is a work-in-progress. God is still fine-tuning his children and, most importantly, he keeps forgiving us and hoping for better.