This I Believe

Entered on July 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50



On reading the title of the essay, don’t ever think even for a second that the writer is a very pious person. I am not. I do not read religious books. I have never read books on philosophies of life either. I don’t even go to temples. Why going to temples? I never do regular prayers at all. But all the same I strongly believe in God. Well, may be not! Confusing? Read on! And as this essay category says, ‘This I Believe’, rather this is what I feel.

I still so clearly remember that little temple that was on my way to school. Whenever there are exams I, without forgetting, would stop by that temple, close my eyes and pray for easy exams, more marks and better grades. The same temple was on the way to the only cinema theater of the village where I grew unceremoniously. I used to pray for longer time when I go to cinema, requesting God to make the tickets available, than praying for marks and results.

I sincerely believed in God and prayers all through my years of school and college education. Later when my life became miserable with no job for decades, I lost trust in God. I stopped stopping by temples on way and even stopped praying at home.

But later, my life getting worst further, I was forced to think about God. This time, pretty much seriously. Thinking about God and doing prayers gave me the strength to be good and a sense of well-being. And this feel good state of mind got reflected in my attitude.

That is then, I realized God really is inside you, in the form of your thoughts. Yes. God is actually your thoughts. This is what I believe. If you think ‘good’, you do ‘good’ and as a result, good things happen to you. This surely is a sign of God’s Blessing. What else then?

If you think ‘bad’, you are warding of God from reaching you. Result? Miseries, miseries and more miseries. Well, God is not around for you.

My mother used to ask me, “are there ghosts? Are there really witches? Can anybody. Like Satan, can destroy a person?” My answers to all the questions are a bold “YES” within quotes.

I would say our evil thoughts are our Satan and that can destroy us easily and effectively too. If you think that something is scary then that will scare you. Ghosts, they exist for those who think they exist. My answers never satisfied my mother. She demands a clear Yes or No.

Coming to witches, our thoughts can turn as in to witches if we are not careful. Here thinking about God and prayers would not suffice. God and prayers are, in this case, just a temporary relief. Actually He watches your thoughts from a distance and tests you. It is up to you to control your thoughts and see them they are on the good side. Yes. Your thoughts are the ‘Welcome Board’ to God and actually your thoughts decide your life. What will you call that Superpower that decides your life?

Power of thoughts cannot be over emphasized. Thoughts, your true God is so powerful to write your destiny. He is go generous to write it as you wish rather as you think. What you think is your fate, your destiny, your God. This is I believe. Now tell me, am I right or wrong?

When I look at the clouds, their fascinating colors and mystic shapes are, though look wonderful to the eyes and soul, somewhat intriguing to me. What made them look like the way they actually look? Well, You can call for the atoms, ionization, diffraction, dispersion, oxidation, reduction, wind and everything scientific for the beauty of the sky and defy God’s existence. But can you describe why you feel at peace when you look at the sky star studded or not?

Yes. I believe God is there in everybody’s heart, to be felt, to be precise, to be thought, in the right way. God is definitely here. If not may be a bit far. I try to not to send him too far. In my attempt he Himself willingly comes more near to me. Thank you God!

May be there is no God and I am an atheist. Even then I like to write my own destiny as I wish. My thoughts make my destiny. So I respect that and pray that they are Good. What? An atheist should not pray? Good God, Bless Me!

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