This I Believe

Raymond - Stockton, California
Entered on July 6, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe that we all have a responsibility to do what is right and avoid doing what is wrong. I believe that the majority of us know what is going on around us and we honestly know when it is right or wrong. I believe that we all have a moral responsibility to take action when we see wrongdoing no matter what the consequences. For these reasons, I Believe wholeheartedly that George W. Bush is wrong. He has done wrong and continues to do wrong. Even though he knows deep down that he is wrong, he avoids doing right. I believe that we, as Americans, owe it to our children and our country to right what he has done wrong. I believe this supercedes political party, religious belief, age, race and any other obligation. To do nothing is to show approval of Mr. Bush’s actions. Therefore, I am calling on all of my fellow Americans to take action against what Mr. Bush has done to our country and especially to our men and women in uniform. He is not a uniter, but he is definitely a divider. Money is at the root of his shortcomings and he places his business alliances ahead of what is best for the average American. Would we be engaged in Iraq if their greatest natural resource was only sand? I say no. I think we’ve all seen enough. Remember, it is supposed to be “By the people and for the people”, not just the rich people. It’s definitely time to do the right thing for a change.