This I Believe

Douglas - Salem, New Hampshire
Entered on July 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question
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A friend of mine introduced me to “This I believe” months ago, and I’m lucky I remembered it. Im no expert on writing essays, therefore as an introduction, and a sort of disclaimer, I am introducing myself in a way by writing an essay about well, writing essays. My essay will not properly follow any particular writing standards that I know of. I want to make my writing as best to my knowlegde, but a few spelling mistakes, gramatical errors, etc. shouldn’t take away the meaning of the essay away from the reader. To warn you, I also have a tendency to start things stronger than I finish, naturally. Anyone who climbs a mountain doesn’t start tired and finish strong right? So my point is, the more you read, the more mistakes you will probly find, don’t sweat it. Just hear me out.

To sort of give you a background on my writing, I usually start with an idea that doesn’t have too much meat on it. Its just a foundation, like a concreat pouring for a house, theres nothing much to look at, but it’s a good start. My ideas start to flow once I start writing. It seems to me that some of the best situations come from things that all you have to do is start. Sometimes people are afraid of starting something. But it really is the most necessary step. So I’ve started writing an essay now, whats next?

I think there are some fundamental rules to lay down when I start an essay. Or even when I read an essay. I admit I’ve read essays before that I just cannot relate to. And I’m sure the same will happen to me. I’m starting to discover that writing is an important tool in life though. It doesn’t need to be overly extravagant or artsy. It should just be whats on your mind. Sometimes art is heavy on my mind, and I need to make something I’ve never seen before. But it’s for myself, you know? Not for myself as in other people can’t read it or else what would be the point of this? For myself I mean I’m doing it to benefit myself. I have a strong theory in life, and that is you teach people by living it, not preaching it. No one is perfect, and many times I try to help other people with things I cant help with. What does it do for them? It teaches them to do the same for other people. Right now I am making a decision that most of my writing will be for my benefit, but for others to read. So that when I conclude an idea, I can say first hand, “Hey, this worked for me.” Rather than just throwing an idea out there and not be able to determine if it’s a good idea for myself. And hopefully anyone else can do the same.

I guess I feel the reason I don’t connect to some essays is because most people out there don’t sound like their digging deep in themselves for their material. But I know there are people out there who really are, and that’s what everyone needs to hear. And theres always deeper too. Its like a bottomless pit only I believe there is a bottom to it, its just we’ll never reach it. My writings will follow some fundamental beliefs that I’ve realized about life, and the universe. The first and foremost is universal truth. It’s universal because there can only be one truth. For example even though a religion might say there are many ways to get to heaven. And another religion says there is only one way to heaven, only one of those beliefs can exist. Existence can not just non-exist just as non-existence cant exist. Theres definitely one thing we can all say for sure, and that’s that we exist. That is a small but important part of the universal truth. I hate to say it, I know this will disapoint people, but the universal truth is not open to interpretation. Which in turn, makes it just about impossible for people to just know what the hell it is. Why isnt it interpretational? Because it is what it is. Whether you think its something else or not, is not going to change it.

Like if a sphere exists, we can’t just accept that it might be a cube because one or even a majority of the people think so. Even if every person says it’s a cube, but it’s still just a sphere, everyone is wrong. Why are they wrong you say? Maybe they would just call it a cube but not confuse the meaning. No. I am talking about the meaning. What I am saying is if the people perceives that it is a cube, or a shape with 4 corners on it rather than a shape where every single point on it is of equal distance from its center. No matter what people say, It is what it is. The universal truth might be hard for some people to accept. It’s not really a theory in where you just get it at first. It’s kind of like starting a puzzle. Only this is lifes puzzle. Its no longer the easy 1000 piece. The number of things that affect our simple existence are beyond numbers that scientists have ever used. It’s a very big picture.

I first became interested in this theory through Plato. I don’t know if he ever actually had an absolute truth theory. I honestly don’t even know much about him. All I know is I studied his “allegory of the cave” in my senior year at high school. And it is about many people living in caves, sitting around a fire looking at the light that it makes and accepting it as the one true light. Only one man escapes the cave, and sees the sun. And he realizes that he has now found the true light, and he runs back to the cave to tell his buddies, but no one believes him. And from what I remember of the story, he never convinces one person to follow him, and he’s left with this such exciting feeling and can’t share it with anyone.

Ignorance is bliss some say. I think it can have its times, but theres a lot of it I beg to differ on. I think in simple everyday things ignorance could be bliss. For example just every day life, if we knew what was going to happen already, there would be no point in living it. Just as theres no point in worrying about the future. What happens, happens. What I feel can not be ignored is the universal truth. Is it a hard thing to accept? Sure at times. But when I keep it in mind what it is. I love it. It has made me who I am. It is my very core, even though telling people about it can often lead to disbelief. It doesn’t surprise me though. Most people want things to be highly interpretive, and theres plenty of things we make in this world that are interpretive and we get our share, but the universal truth is not. And we did not make it, in fact we are only a part of it. Does the universal truth take any faith? Absolutely. Lets face it, were never going to completely finish life’s puzzle, but you know when you start to get the pieces in place that you know whats going on in the picture? You might not be able to see every accurate color and detail, but you know whats going on there? That’s what part of the big picture is like. Theres a few things in it that you know for sure that are provable. Once your mind can perceive whats in the missing spaces even though you can’t see them is the faith part.

Well now you know a little bit of where I’m coming from, or maybe you don’t. Maybe I’m one of those people you just can’t relate to, and that’s fine. But I have a point in life, and I at least need to understand these for myself and expose people to them. In my future writings I’m not committing to anything really except whats on my mind. In the back of my mind, everything I talked about is always there. I have no need to mention universal truth anymore for now. But maybe if you look at what I read and say “wow that’s pretty interesting” you can count that everything I say is coming from that source. Whether it be angry, sad, comical, or excited. Its going to start as just an idea, and flow right from the source itself. I will be writing more in the future about some other things on my mind. Until then, I hope you enjoyed reading what I have to say. I know I enjoyed writing it down, and it’s helped me open myself to it more. Thank you.