This I Believe

Abaynesh - washington, District of Columbia
Entered on July 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe

I believe in prayers to God to whatever we want and need, whatever is bothering us, is always answered. It sometimes might not happen on the day or time we need it but always on Gods time which is always the right time. My mother taught me to pray when I was a little girl. She told me always to pray whenever I feel lonely, sad, worried and even in times when I am happy and everything is okay. So I made it my habit to pray every morning and evening.

When I was a little girl I always prayed to be an independent and educated woman so that I can have my own house and my own car. I never knew then that I was going to come to the America. But God works in a miraculous way, so I won the diversity visa lottery among 55,000 people through out Africa, which was a miracle, to start my independent life. Independent life was not as easy as I imagined it would be. I was alone in this country; all my family was back home in Ethiopia. Nobody was here with me except my prayers and my God to keep me strong. The first two years I did not go to school, I worked two fulltime jobs to make ends meet. The beginning of the third year I bought my first car, I was so proud of myself because I worked so hard for it.

After I got my car it was easy for me to go to school and still work. So I went to school for medical assistant and graduated on October 2005. Now I am working as a medical assistant at Washington Hospital Center and still going to school for advanced degree. Even though I have a long way to go for my education I believe my prayers have been answered and will always be answered. So I am going to keep on praying because I believe prayers always get answered. And because God is a great God.