This I Believe

Alicia - Santa Maria, California
Entered on July 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of a word when it comes from that someone you have always looked up to and who you admire the most, especially when it is the word you have always searched for in your life.

She is the most amazing woman, caring and a wonderful mother. Her eyes reflecting a sparkling light that makes you feel the confidence in life. Her dark brown long hair with some white spots showed her intelligence and at the same time her years of happiness and sadness. Besides being the most important person in my life she has contributed to many of my accomplishments and making me feel tremendously proud, even though sometimes she didn’t notice it. My admiration goes beyond her extreme qualities even though sometimes she does not notice it.

In a dark black leather sofa in the crowded living room on warm Monday afternoon, my mother sat there with her white and turquoise flowery apron, with her extremely tired look. When all of a sudden I made my way to her with the goal of having a successful conversation, but it turned out like this: “I am too tired we will talk later,” she said. The truth was that there was no later. The small amount of time I spent with her seemed to fly.

Her soft gentle light brown color hands garbed the long silvered knife ready to slice the onions and lettuce to prepare what we call our favorite food “enchiladas”. Many of these moments went flying without even noticing. Every time we spend together was; magical even though, a conversation wasn’t involved. It was rare for my mom to ask me to help her in the kitchen. Sometimes it was hard for me to understand why my mother wouldn’t express her thoughts and sad moments with me.

It wasn’t until a hot night in September of 2004 when I was 15 years old when a miracle occurred. I remember just as if it was yesterday. I was in my small warm bed laying there burning in fever. My eyes could barely open letting the bright yellow light in from the corner. It was impossible for me to see my mother, but my ears wouldn’t let me down. Her voice was like a symphony to my ears making me feel her immense love filling my heart. “You are going to be better soon, but you have to put an effort. I believe in you. You are a strong girl,” she said.

When I thought she was done, I heard something that I thought I was never going to hear “I love you” she said. My tired weak body felt enlightened all of a sudden with those words. The top of my body got up and pushed my body toward my mom’s arms telling her how much I was endlessly praying for those two words. My life now felt complete. This is why I believe in the power of a word.