This I Believe

Veronica - Santa Maria, California
Entered on July 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in cherishing special moments.

Remembering the past, I cherish special moments that will never happen again. I have learned to cherish moments and I will cherish future special moments. The most resent special event that has happened to me is my graduation. My most memorable are grad night and prom with my friends.

I believe in cherishing special moments because they only happen once. Every year you have a birthday but only once you turn ten or eighteen once in your whole life . One day I was alone listening to music and crocheting, I remember that day as a cherished moment. I remembered that day because I was looking through my old things and remembering things that were happy and things that hurt, experiences that I grew from .

I keep things that I get from places that I have experienced a special moments and put it in a box. I recently started doing this four years ago and will continue because I wasn’t able to remember in details what happened. Looking forward to getting new things from new and special moments is something I appreciate in life. Every body has pictures and I would like to take pictures every day so I can remember every good day of my life. My future career is undecided so I will definitely make memories of how I got there and why.

The most resent special moment I have is my high school graduation and grad night. Graduation is one of my grates achievements because I was the first one in my family to graduate, this is a moment I can share with my family and friends. For some reason I couldn’t have as after graduation party with my friends which could have been a great moment to treasure. Grad night is the funniest special moment because I was with my friends and that night was the beginning of a lot of special moments with my new boy friend. The part that I remember the most is the drive to Disney because while I was there it was like I was dreaming , It was like a party paradise. Before Graduation and grad night , Prom is one of the most special moments of my high school memories. It was like fairytale from beginning to end. My fairy god mother was my cousin and my carriage was a car, my prince charming was my future boyfriend, like Cinderella I had to lave before midnight .

Not all of my moments are happy. I also have bad and sad moments but I also cherish these moments because of them I now know what not to do or say. Some moments are meant to be remembered and others forgotten. I have many moments that I wish never happened because they left bad consequences. Overall I cherished my special moments and I cherish my friends , family , and life.