This I Believe

Jennifer - Santa Maria, California
Entered on July 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in the unity of family

Have you ever noticed that when something bad happens in your life, family always seems to make it a lot better? For instance, when I was a kid, I would get hurt and my mom would always kiss my “owie” and hold me; which always made me feel better. Or when somebody would pick on me, I had my older brothers go and beat them up. And then I would feel a lot better.

I have two aunts, three uncles and twenty nine cousins. You could say I have a very large family. The interesting thing about that, which I love, is that we all get along, have a good time and most importantly we are always there for each other. My uncle had always told me that if I ever need a ride or somebody to protect me, to call him; no matter what time it was or where I was, he would be there.

The original meaning of family is father and mother in loving you. My nana had always told me that ever since I could remember.

Christmas time is the best because my aunt and uncle live right across the street so everybody piles up over there and we all open presents and eat lunch together. As I’ve grown older I notice that I don’t care about the presents anymore, I just love to see the smiles on my little cousins faces and the look of happiness in their eyes when they open their presents.

I have ten little cousins who all look up to me, especially my eleven year old cousin Ivy. She has been attached to me ever since she was born. Although she is only eleven she has inspired me to be a better person. The way she looks at me with her big brown eyes asking me questions about life just gives me a sense of knowing that I influence her. Which makes me want to be smart and always make the right choices because I know that they are always watching me and I love them so much.

I remember when I lost my dad; my family was there in a heart beat. They all showed up to comfort my brothers and I as we sobbed knowing that our dad won’t be here to see us grow anymore. But our family was there and they didn’t leave either, they stayed the whole day and the next day and so on. If anything my family has taught me what I want my family to be like. I want my kids to play with my brother’s kids and I want them to be able to walk over to grandmas and spend time with her and love every minute of it, like I did.

I believe in the unity of family because my family has protected me, gave me hope, loved me throughout everything, and has inspired me to become the best I can be.