This I Believe

Thompson - hyattsville, Maryland
Entered on July 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“It’s the you that’s in you that will make you what you are”

“Be like you.” This is the one quote my father told me when I was eight. Today, it still like a “good morning” greeting I say every time I start my day. With this in mind, I don’t go about worrying too much of how my day is going to be like. Truly, “no man is an island” that’s why some people look up to others for assistance, more like a “mentor”, or to take after another person’s foot-step. Others know “it’s not enough to aim, you must hit”, but consider how hard one’s going to hit when trying to be like someone else.

On the contrary, I love being myself. Seeing me for a man even before the adult age has helped me a lot in some of the many fields of life: education, health, and decision making. Perfection, to me, is not a step ahead but many steps ahead, and this is the reason I blame me when I go or do wrong, face consequences and try not to make the same mistake in the future.

Should or did I give credit to my father whose quote I live by? This is so because I adhere to his word. Giving him credit in this aspect means I’m definitely trying to be like him. Being this way, why should I even want to stick to Bill Gates- owner of Microsoft- the one man in the world, I’d love to call my mentor. He probably had somebody in mind he calls or called his mentor before becoming famous. Whichever way it is, he’s one of the successful humans on earth.

Considerably, my life is a “so far so good” one with my belief. Quick and correct decisions are never far-fetched when dealing with situations. Self determination and hard work is what I need continue to have. Additionally, having confidence and thinking worthwhile definitely give me the impression that I’m the me that’s in me that will make me what I am.