This I Believe

Abu - Vermillion, South Dakota
Entered on July 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Do You Hear That

I feel a part of me die whenever someone dies in Africa of starvation. Caring is a curse I have carried with me for all of my conscious life. When other kids, fussed, fought and agonized over toys, I devoted my mind to manufacturing functional solutions for eradicating hunger and struggle. I strongly believe that no one should die on account of lack of social and economic resources. I believe that hunger should not be the killer it is today given the wealth that is in the world today. For a while, I struggled over conceptualizing a justifiable reason that is capable of standing up against the judgment of my moral consciousness.

I recognize that the gap that exists between the haves and have nots is sometimes too wide for us to hear the cries of those afflicted with abject poverty. I also recognize that distance sometimes plays a cruel game with our minds, removing legitimate concerns and replacing them with things close by. Are we so divorced from morality that we cannot wrestle our minds away from the hypnotizing grip of comfort, or does its heavy hands hover over our minds eye, blinding us to the horrific scenes of struggle that flood our televisions. I believe that America badly needs a wake-up call. No longer is it satisfactory for us to waste away in careless slumber while the cries of struggle go unheard. I hear them-muzzled by the harshness of their realities- I hear their agony. As sure as I am of the sunrise of tomorrow’s morning, I hear them. I hear them silently whispering their stories to the wind. I hear them.

I believe that every man and woman in America can make a difference. I believe that the state of affairs in Africa can significantly be altered if every man and woman in America cared about the grim reality of Africa’s struggle for survival. I sincerely believe that this is a burden that incumbently falls on our shoulders. It is one we must willingly accept. When all is said and done, what will the next generation say about our generation? Will they say we cared about our poor, or will they say we only cared about ourselves? I believe the choice is entirely up to us. The future is within our hands for shaping. Let’s embrace this opportunity and make deaths resulting from hunger history.