This I Believe

kasarachi - hyattsville, Maryland
Entered on July 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Give and it will come back to you”

It was a sunny afternoon and a busy day for most people. Can I get a change for five dollars, she asked? A Spanish woman holding her child of about three years and struggling with her handbag needed the change to pay for her fare. She asked three to five people and when none of us agreed to having five dollar change, she heaved a sigh. I did not have the complete change she was asking for, but I knew I could help.

The angry bus driver started yelling. “Madam did you forget you haven’t paid”? The woman still searching her bag to see if she could find a dollar bill did not give a response. I had three one dollar bills but I had wanted to use them for my snacks. She was helpless because she knew she had to pay. I started battling with my mind as I knew I could help, but on the other hand I needed my money too.

Each time the driver held his break, he reminded the woman that she had to pay. At this time, I remembered my mother’s everyday saying “be kind to those people you meet on your way to the top, you may meet them on your way down”. I had always read meanings into this my mother’s saying, but never considered it for once. I also knew that I could skip my snacks that afternoon and save the Spanish woman from further embarrassment from the driver.

I thought of it all, opened my wallet and handed a dollar bill to her. She was grateful and thanked me for my kindness. I stopped at the next bus stop and walked across to my school. I missed snacks that day and was still alive. The night came and I was watching my usual TV program when a commercial about playing the lottery came up. I wrote down the internet site and decided to give it a shot the next day.

I was not the lucky type. I have played several lotteries and never won a cent. This time, the result was different. I received an email the next day asking me to confirm the information I gave. I had won $500 dollars, unbelievable! Could it be because I gave? I believe in giving, although at times it is challenging when you look at faces. But I saved someone from embarrassment and was proud I gave. What do you believe?